Dogs are truly man’s best friends, faithful companions with whom to spend one’s life and share unforgettable moments. For some time now, however, you can have fun sharing your favorite clothing items with your four-legged friend. As? Thanks to Giovanna Temellini that she has recently opened a dog boutique in Milan where owners and quadrupeds can finally have coordinated clothes. Passionate about fashion and eternal lover of dogs, Giovanna Temellini decides to combine her two interests to create a dog-à-porter collection. Many garments for men and women are therefore also available in a canine version and displayed on nice mannequins side by side with the relative canichins. The idea is truly unique, never thought of before and the effect is fun but at the same time classy.


What breed has the least behavioral problems?

Have you ever seen another dog with my dog’s issue?


Can my dog’s behavior challenges be fixed and how long will it take?

Did I do something to cause my dog to act this way?

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What breed has the least behavioral problems?
Looking For Long Term Solution

Think of behavior modification in dogs in the same way that you think of engaging the service of a fitness instructor
Get On With My Pet Quickly

The majority of a behaviorist’s time is spent educating the owner about concepts.
Behavior Issue Friendly Solution

Owners frequently want to blame themselves for their dog’s ills, It’s virtually impossible to definitively pinpoint what causes a dog to behave the way it does.
Remove Separation Anxiety

All breeds, including All Americans (i.e., mutts), can make great pets. Conversely, all breeds can have behavioral issues (e.g., labs, collies, poodles, etc.). It’s hard for me to select one breed in particular because each individual dog can be so different – just like people.

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The intent is to emphasize the indissoluble relationship between owner and dog, but not only. Giovanna Temellini does not distinguish between breed, size or age but rather she wants any dog ​​to be the recipient of this collection. In fact, the creator also cares about disabled dogs and dogs with problems that are usually excluded from the clothing lines. She often struggles to find a suitable garment for them but Giovanna knows that these dogs need special protection and attention. In fact, the first garment of her Milan dog boutique was a raincoat with ear protectors included! And the creator had thought of it precisely for his half-breed, a dog that is not very graceful and disproportionate.


Already in 2017, Temellini Milano had designed a line of coordinated accessories: bags and belts for her, collars and leashes for him. For the summer, then, the collection was sailor-themed; stripes, white and blue were undoubtedly the protagonists. And for autumn, however, a collection dedicated to men and their faithful friends in shades of burgundy and ocher yellow. Also for this new season Giovanna Temellini got busy and created another sophisticated clothing line. Coats, Sherlock Holmes jackets, sweaters and raincoats are the main items but also in this case there is no lack of accessories. The most used fabrics are technical ones, wool and eco-cashmere, to also respect the environment. The materials are precious and therefore hypoallergenic and compatible with the hair in order not to create discomfort. Giovanna Temellini then did not want to overdo it with colors, preferring, instead, soft tones such as powder pink, beige and powder blue.

If you are looking for a Milan dog boutique to dress your four-legged friends with accurate garments like yours, Temellini Milano is the perfect place. The items can be purchased in the physical store, in via dell’Orso in Milan, or directly from the online site. You and your dog will be closer than ever!


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