When you have a dog, it is important to show him a lot of affection and one way to do this is to find suitable clothing for him for any walk. I Love My Dog, with its motto “love for a dog gives great strength to man”, has in fact had this goal at heart since 2007. This streetwear fashion brand for dogs, therefore, dedicates each collection to those who they know the importance of the bond between owner and four-legged friend. To emphasize the concept even more, I Love My Dog has also created garments for the mistresses so as to always be combined. All the proposed articles are different from the usual ones that are seen on the market. Every detail is carefully studied to create a comfortable, practical, unique and, without a doubt, very high quality product!


What breed has the least behavioral problems?

Have you ever seen another dog with my dog’s issue?

Can my dog’s behavior challenges be fixed and how long will it take?

Did I do something to cause my dog to act this way?

Are you training the dog or me?

What breed has the least behavioral problems?
Looking For Long Term Solution

Think of behavior modification in dogs in the same way that you think of engaging the service of a fitness instructor
Get On With My Pet Quickly

The majority of a behaviorist’s time is spent educating the owner about concepts.
Behavior Issue Friendly Solution

Owners frequently want to blame themselves for their dog’s ills, It’s virtually impossible to definitively pinpoint what causes a dog to behave the way it does.
Remove Separation Anxiety

All breeds, including All Americans (i.e., mutts), can make great pets. Conversely, all breeds can have behavioral issues (e.g., labs, collies, poodles, etc.). It’s hard for me to select one breed in particular because each individual dog can be so different – just like people.

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To meet any taste and need, I Love My Dog has divided each collection into three lines. The first is the Black Label, sporty and especially suitable for dogs used to walking in metropolises. Obviously all without giving up that little bit of elegance that never hurts. There are all sizes, from XXS to 6XL, so you won’t have even the slightest difficulty finding the perfect one for your dog. The Pink Label is instead the ideal line for all four-legged friends who always want to be fashionable and refined. As you can imagine, what is not lacking in these garments are rhinestones and sequins. The last line is the White Label characterized by windproof technical fabrics and especially suitable for large dogs. For each line you will find a wide range of products, from duvets to t-shirts, from kennels to collars and leashes, but also bags and carriers.


The heat is approaching and so is the new spring-summer 2019 collection of I Love My Dog. Gold, black and the baroque style will be the absolute masters of the garments, absolutely not to be missed! Furthermore, this streetwear fashion brand for dogs is so good and competent in the field of canine clothing that it has been noticed by famous Italian designers. Roberto Cavalli and Alviero Martini, in fact, have relied on this company to launch their collection for animals. The garments are truly original and luxurious, real gems!

The I Love My Dog shop is located in Florence but, if you are not a local, you can order your favorite clothes from the online shop. Moreover, the application will soon be available again, from which you can consult the catalog of the collections and purchase. Let your four-legged friends try streetwear fashion for dogs, now you have no more excuses.


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