Are you looking for dog clothes that recall the human way of dressing of the moment? Do you want to ensure that you and your faithful friend can walk together with coordinated clothing? Well, if dressing up your puppy isn’t a weird thing at all for you then Pawmain Pets is all you need.


What breed has the least behavioral problems?

Have you ever seen another dog with my dog’s issue?

Can my dog’s behavior challenges be fixed and how long will it take?

Did I do something to cause my dog to act this way?

Are you training the dog or me?

What breed has the least behavioral problems?
Looking For Long Term Solution

Think of behavior modification in dogs in the same way that you think of engaging the service of a fitness instructor
Get On With My Pet Quickly

The majority of a behaviorist’s time is spent educating the owner about concepts.
Behavior Issue Friendly Solution

Owners frequently want to blame themselves for their dog’s ills, It’s virtually impossible to definitively pinpoint what causes a dog to behave the way it does.
Remove Separation Anxiety

All breeds, including All Americans (i.e., mutts), can make great pets. Conversely, all breeds can have behavioral issues (e.g., labs, collies, poodles, etc.). It’s hard for me to select one breed in particular because each individual dog can be so different – just like people.

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For some time now Pawmain Pets is a brand that offers quality outfits and accessories designed with care for dogs of any breed and size. Its particularity is that it takes its cue from the best international clothing brands, nicely mangling their names and postponing attention to the animal world. In this way Supreme becomes Pupreme, the famous Spanish brand Balenciaga turns into Pawlenciaga, Chanel turns into Chewnel and so on. Pawmain brands are not affiliated with real brands for humans, it is not a collaboration but, despite this, the refinement in style is equivalent.


Pawmain Pets knows the canine world perfectly and for this reason offers a great variety of dog clothes suitable for different occasions. Each proposal is in fact designed to combine functionality and practicality with exceptional refinement.

First of all, the sweatshirt with sleeves and hood is worth mentioning. This garment is particularly comfortable thanks to the laces on the headgear that you can tighten in order to wrap your dog keeping him perfectly warm. The sweatshirts can be purchased in different colors and sizes and are also present in most of the Pawmain Pets collections as well as t-shirts.

For cold and rainy days, the brand has created vests and jackets. Indeed, the outer layer of these items is made of a waterproof material while inside there is soft fleece. From now on, even when the weather conditions are unfavorable, you will no longer be forced to give up a walk with your four-legged friend.


The Pawmain Pets offer, in addition to dog clothes, proves to be extensive in terms of accessories. For example, in the online shop, you have the option to buy the set of bowls. The latter are designed to reduce noise and slippage thanks to a rubber mat positioned on the bottom. Once again, functionality comes first! Moreover, leashes and collars are offered in different colors and sizes created specifically to avoid any annoyance and hindrance to the dog.

Unfortunately, the physical stores in which to buy Pawmain Pets items are still few and not present in Italy. But don’t worry, shipments are available worldwide! At this point there is nothing left to do but order online from the comfort of your home and wait for the package with your faithful friend.


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